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Who We Are & What We Do

We're a not-for-profit organisation run by a community-based Board of Governance and we're part of a network of Neighbourhood Houses


We offer a range of services including adult education, venue hire, community café, emergency relief, special events, technology support and access to government services

Our reach extends even further through our ability to be the auspicing body for other community groups, who can then weave even more community focused, cultural offerings into our region

Meet the Team

We have some great people on staff. You will very likely be welcomed by one of these faces when you come into Manna Gum and they'll make sure you connect with the right help.

Where we've come from

We celebrated 40 years of operation in 2021 - a tremendous effort by so many local characters over the years.

From the beginning it was a place for social gatherings, but perhaps could have been better sited: imagine sturdy diggers in those early years having to carry their ladies on their backs so ballgowns would remain clear of the muddy track! What is now Manna Gum Community House was originally constructed as a Mechanics Institute which then became the Courthouse, with the Police residence and stables constructed nearby. The first sitting in the Courthouse was in August 1889 and it was used in this manner right up until 1983. 

In the early 1980s it was the local women who felt there was a need for services and supports for themselves and their children and after a number of years being housed as a community service in the Anglican hall, the Foster Community House moved to its current premises in 1992. The name was changed to Manna Gum Community House in 2016 to better reflect the services provided to the wider Corner Inlet region - services that have included a myriad of activities, from how-to workshops to Centrelink assistance, playgroups and adult courses, referrals to other social supports and so much more. In essence, though, it's a place to meet, to ask for a hand and to enjoy the company of others.

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